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Quebec’s electric vehicle charging strategy : An example to follow, according to Electric Mobility Canada

Montreal, September 7, 2023 – Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) notes the Quebec Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy released today is the result of rigorous work. “We […]

Electric Mobility Canada applauds new EV battery supply chain investment

September 6, 2023 – Electric Mobility Canada welcomed the announcement by the Canadian and Quebec governments in collaboration with Volta Energy Solutions Canada Inc. of […]

EMC Pre-Budget Recommendations – Federal Budget 2024

Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) submitted its priority policy recommendations on transportation electrification to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance for the 2024 pre-budget consultations.

EMC Congratulates the Canadian and Ontario governments, Volkswagen and the City of St.Thomas on New Battery Plant

EMC applauds today’s announcement regarding the new Volkswagen battery plant to be built in St. Thomas, Ontario.

EMC Welcomes Quebec’s Higher 2030 Target for ZEV adoption

EMC applauds the Quebec government’s decision to significantly increase its 2030 zero-emission vehicle registration target

U.S. EPA Standards Highlight the Need for Canadian ZEV Sales Regulations

Canada must have its own set of regulations in order to meet its own climate and EV adoption goals, according to EMC

EMC Welcomes Federal Budget Investments

EMC welcomes federal budget investments in Canada's EV industry, from mining to mobility

EMC’s Final Canadian Light-Duty ZEV Sales Regulations Recommendations

Electric Mobility Canada's key concerns are sales targets, regional distribution, and compliance enforcement options.