Do you own a conventional car? Are you tired of gas prices always going up? Are you concerned about air pollution and the environment? Have you heard about electric or hybrid vehicles, but don’t know how they work and their related costs? Learn more about electric vehicle technologies, their purchase and operating costs, the available government financial incentives, and much more below.

Charging Maps

Check out the list of Charging Station Locators to find a station near you: at home, at work or on the road.



A Better Route Planner


EV Charging Networks

Find information on charging networks with the links below.

Electric Circuit

Electrify Canada



BC Hydro EV



Information on EVs and Test Drives

Looking to learn more about EVs or want to try before you buy?

Plug’n Drive

CAA - National

CAA - Québec

CAA - Atlantic

Équiterre - Running Electric Campaign

Scotiabank EV Advice

Government Incentives

Check out these government incentives to support the purchase of your EV!


British Columbia

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island

More Updates

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