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Electric Mobility Canada’s mandate is to advance electric transportation in Canada.

The rEVolution begins with your EMC membership. Show that your organization cares about electric transportation. Let us talk and act on your behalf for an electrifying future!

EMC is a membership based association that works alongside its members at various levels:

Valuable Networking Opportunities
With its committees, working groups, and its popular annual Conference, EMC brings together the leaders of the industry.

Advocacy Activities
With numerous industry leaders as members, EMC can proactively engage local, provincial and federal governments to promote EVs and related policies. It is very simple: the more members we represent, the louder our voice! See our Advocacy section to see our latest government relation activities.

Up-to-date Information Centre
The EV sector is an ever changing one. With EMC’s newsletters, our Newswire and important latest news being directly communicated to our members, EMC is the reference for everything about EVs from coast to coast. EMC also organizes webinars for its members on specific aspect of transport electrification.

Public Outreach Initiatives
EMC organizes an EV Ride ‘N Drive during its Conference and opens its Trade Show to the public. The EV 101 and EVSE 101 sections on our website is dedicated to consumers and anyone who wants to understand the EV technologies.

Major vehicle OEMs, power producers, research institutes and fleet managers have already joined EMC to accelerate the growth of transportation electrification in Canada.

Click on a category below for fees and application steps.

EMC membership is intended to provide your entire organization with a broad range of opportunities reflective of your priorities, size and operations. We expect that representation and participation from a diverse membership base will result in deeper connections and better outcomes for EMC members. Accordingly, EMC will consider each organization’s global workforce and operations when assessing applicable EMC membership categories.

Membership Categories

  1. Industry & Fleet

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    • Vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers
    • EVSE Suppliers
    • Other product and service suppliers
    • Municipal and public fleets
    • Private fleets
    • Public transit systems
  2. Utilities

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    • Provincial
    • Local Distribution Companies (LDCs)
    • Municipal
  3. Not-For-Profit Organizations and NGOs

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    • Research centres and Universities
    • Related associations
    • Labour organizations
  4. Associate - Individuals

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    • Students
    • EV drivers and enthusiasts
    • Individuals (other than above)
  5. Associate Organizations

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    • Government agencies (federal, provincial and municipal)