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Global number of public EV charging connectors:

2010: 13,000
2012: 73,000
2014: 131,000
2016: 317,000
2018: 628,000
2020: 1,353,000

Source: @BloombergNEF EV data hub

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Weekly Memo

1. Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 4:30 to 6 pm ET: Workshop on V2H-V2G, Smart Energy management & solutions

With the participation of Microsoft, AddÉnergie-FLO, Siemens, HILO, Dunsky Consultants, etc.

More registration details will follow.

2. Nova Scotia government offers a rebate for new and used EVS + e-bikes

3. Public Procurement of Electric Vehicles, Recharging Infrastructures and Related Products/Services in Canada: An Analysis Under the Rules of International Trade.

This document written for EMC explains how public buyers can encourage the purchase of EVs and EV infrastructure through environmental guidelines instead of sticking solely to the lowest bidder rule.

Free Trade And Green Procurement Report Feb 11, 2021

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