Vehicle cost comparison: Norway vs. Canada

How much does a gasoline vs. hybrid vs. electric car cost in Norway? How much would these same vehicles cost in Canada if the Norwegian tax system were applied?

Here are three examples of vehicle purchase prices in Norway when adding the level of taxes based on GHG and NOx emissions + VAT (value added tax). We then transposed the Norwegian tax system to the same vehicles (or their closest equivalent) in Canada to demonstrate the impact that this tax system would have on purchase prices in Canada.

Toyota Hilux (gas/Tacoma equivalent) in Norway:
502,100 Kr + taxes = 984,585 Kr (96% tax)
Toyota Tacoma in Canada with the Norwegian system:
42,739 + taxes = $83,768

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in Norway:
471,900 Kr + taxes = 741,165 Kr (57% tax)
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in Canada with Norwegian system:
43,179 + taxes = $67,791

Ford Mustang MACH-E (electric) in Norway:
472,300 Kr + 2,400 Kr (scrap deposit tax) = 474,700 Kr
Same vehicle in Canada with the Norwegian system:
$51,495 + $320 (scrap deposit tax) = $51,815