NRCan’s Upcoming Request for Proposals for 70 Fast Charging Stations

Following the launch of our Roadmap for Accelerating the Deployment of Electric Vehicles in Canada (2016 to 2020), the federal government announced the allocated investment to electric vehicles and alternative transportation fuel infrastructure of $62.5M over the next two years in its 2016 Budget.

Natural Resources Canada has just taken action to support the deployment of up to 70 electric vehicle fast-charging stations along key transportation corridors. A Request for Proposals will be launched this spring. Projects must be completed by March 31, 2018, be located in Canada and be publicly accessible.  The department will provide up to 50% of eligible project costs. NRCan invites companies to communicate their interest in this new initiative by completing the Project Summary Form. The brief summary should include general description of the project (e.g. number of installations, fuel type, location, technologies, and expected outcomes). Following the official launch of the Request for Proposals, a copy of the application and applicant’s guide will be emailed to all interested parties.

EMC is proud to have played a crucial role in this federal investment in EV infrastructure, and supports actively this first initiative.