Nissan Leaf Sells Over 1,000 Units in Canada for the First Time

December 3, 2014 — Canada’s best-selling all-electric vehicle has crossed an important sales threshold, surpassing 1,000 units sold in a year for the first time since its July 2011 launch.

Nissan Canada announced that through November, a total of 1,021 units have been sold in Canada, more than doubling the 2013 total sales mark of 470 Leaf vehicles. This represents a sales increase of 117 percent over the course of the year. Since its launch, over 1,900 Nissan Leafs have been sold in Canada.

The year-over-year increase for the Leaf represents the largest increase of any vehicle in the Nissan product line-up. Second is the recently redesigned Rogue crossover which has seen a year-over-year increase of 78 percent so far.

For the month of November, 103 units were sold which is significantly higher than the 30 units sold in November, 2013.