News of our National Roadmap is spreading

Published on April 4 in La Presse, an article by Sébastien Templier lists some of the major recommendations made to the federal government in our National Roadmap for Accelerating the Deployment of Electric Vehicles in Canada (2016 to 2020) to move from an early adopter market to a mass market.

  • Education and awareness. This recommendation underscores a problem constantly pointed out by stakeholders. According to EMC, it is important to raise public awareness. To achieve this, EMC advocates the creation of an Internet portal on EVs, a national outreach campaign, and a Test and Trial Program across the country. “People have to try EVs. Often, if you try it, you adopt it,” says Chantal Guimont, EMC’s President and CEO.
  • Federal incentives. To this day, only BC, Ontario and Quebec offer financial incentives for EV buyers. One of the main recommendations of the Roadmap asks for the Federal government to help the provinces. The organization suggests that the federal government offer a $3,000 additional incentive to any provincial incentive offered at a minimum of $3,000.
  • Workplace Charging. Except for Quebec, workplace charging is neglected in Canada. However, it is essential to accelerate the deployment of EVs. “The second most important location for charging is at work ,” confirms Chantal Guimont. EMC recommends an incentive to employers for workplace charging of a maximum of $3,000, resulting in a maximum of $3,000 when combined with any offered provincial incentive.
  • Fast Charging stations. The last major recommendation of EMC is to install a minimum of 150 fast charging stations to complete a national EV highway in order to meet the inter-city travel needs of Canadian EV drivers.

Read the full article on La Presse’s Website (in French only).