Canadian leaders share a common vision on how to bring Canada forward on EVs

Electric Mobility Canada’s annual conference in Halifax

Halifax, May 27, 2015 — Canadian leaders in transportation electrification — researchers, new technology developers, vehicle and charging station manufacturers and suppliers, fleet managers, electric vehicle owners’ associations and others — met in Halifax from May 25th to 27th for the 7th Electric Vehicle Conference and Trade Show 2015 organized by Electric Mobility Canada (EMC).

The delegates from all over Canada took part in an exciting event that featured a stellar program combining social aspects of electric mobility such as purchase and user experience as well as technical considerations such as energy storage and smart grid.

“It is thrilling to have held the Electric Vehicle Conference and Trade Show in Nova Scotia for the first time and to have counted on the support of Nova Scotia Power as lead host of the event”, said EMC chair, Catherine Kargas. “Canada would benefit significantly by increasing the proportion of electric vehicles (EVs) as a percentage of total vehicles sold. Innovation leading to improved battery performance and infrastructure is an important factor contributing to increased EV adoption. These two factors, innovation and infrastructure, were also the theme of this year’s conference.”

At the end of March 2015, there were 12,500 EVs on Canadian roads. Quebeckers, followed by British Columbians and Ontarians, are the Canadians most partial to electric mobility. Despite the growth of this segment of the automotive market, significant work lies ahead to ensure that Canada keeps pace with countries such as the U.S. where per capita penetration is 3 times greater.

Canada is now at a pivotal moment in the electrification of transportation, and delegates gave their recommendation on near term priorities:

  • Public education and outreach to ensure that Canadians receive a clear, uniform and complete message about EVs, including the real total cost of ownership;
  • Workplace and public infrastructure charging deployment;
  • Benefiting from a new era of growth in EVs, in emerging sectors like car sharing.

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About Electric Mobility Canada

Founded in 2006, Electric Mobility Canada is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of electric mobility. The 140 members of EMC are from different industry sectors across the country and include infrastructure, technology and electricity providers, electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers, municipalities, universities, public transporters as well as EV owners groupings.

EMC will be co-hosting the International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS 29) in Montreal, QC in June 2016.