Launch of the new Nissan LEAF

The new Nissan LEAF was launched on Tuesday in Japan. The vehicle features autonomous drive technology, an e-Pedal and a battery with larger capacity. The car’s new lithium-ion battery pack delivers an estimated range of 240km. This LEAF will be available in Japan in October 2017 and “early in 2018” in North America.

Excerpts from the press release:

“Drivers will feel more confident, excited and connected thanks to the new Nissan LEAF’s ProPILOT autonomous drive technology, ProPILOT Park technology, e-Pedal, increased power and range, and improved refinement, comfort and convenience.”

“The new battery design adds energy-storage capacity without increasing the size. The battery pack occupies the same dimensions as that of the previous-generation Nissan LEAF. It’s the individual cell structure of the laminated lithium-ion battery cells that’s been improved, representing an impressive 67% increase in energy density versus the 2010 model. Another key engineering improvement for the lithium-ion battery pack is enhanced electrode materials with revised chemistry, resulting in higher power density while contributing to greater battery durability on charge and discharge.”

Read the entire press release.