#EVCoast2Coast: Official Departure from Halifax

On Tuesday, Oct 14, the three hosts for EMC Halifax 2015 were visited by the Davids and President and CEO Chantal Guimont. This was an opportunity to introduce Chantal and to continue preparations for the East Coast conference.  The EV conquest of the national road has begun!

Nova Scotia Power has been a supporter of EVs for some years and a member of EMC this year. Anne-Marie Curtis will be presenting at the Vancouver conference.  The NS Department of Energy in 2012 provided support to EV infrastructure through the “NS Moves” program. Jonah Bernstein will represent the Department at EV2014VE.

Mayor Mike Savage of the Halifax Regional Municipality raised the flag of encouragement with a proclamation to mark the start of the EV journey to the West Coast.  As well, he provided an invitation to all delegates of Vancouver.

The fourth visit to Dalhousie University (also a member) was met with enthusiasm by students and faculty.

Now to the driver and passenger seats, fasten belts, and the quiet, clean trip begins.

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