EV2015VÉ CSA Side Event

EMC EV2015 Conference – Halifax – May 25-27, 2015
CSA Side Event

 Location: Westin Nova Scotian, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Proposed Date: May 25th @ 2:30-4:00 pm
Capacity: 25-35 people

Topic: Lead a discussion of panelists highlighting the Canadian EV landscape, Canadian Electrical Code’s latest revisions and the influencers to the Building Codes at all levels of authority relating to the Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

Proposed Agenda Topics:  Each Topic is approx 20 minutes

Kick-Off Side Event (Chantal / Eric)

NRC to paint the EV landscape for Canada & provide an update on active projects and new considerations relating to EV’s.
Speaker: Eric Baril

General overview / introduction of CSA standards, certification, inspection, training offerings, Community of Interest (COI).
Speaker: Cliff Rondeau

Introduction of the Canadian Electrical Code and recent activities.
Speaker: Tim Pope

Review of Section 86 & related EV sections of the Canadian Electrical Code
Speaker: Pierre Desilets (Chair of Section 86 of CEC)

Review of the Canadian Building Code as it relates to residential, multi-residential, commercial, retail and domestic infrastructure for electric vehicles.
Speaker: Philip Rizcallah of NRC

Question & Answers
Peter Glowacki to moderate

Wrap-up / Follow-up on Next Steps & Action Items
Peter Glowacki to moderate