EV2014VÉ Technical Tours: BCIT Solar EV Charging and Powertech Labs

EV2014VÉ Technical Tours

BCIT Solar EV Charging

The BCIT Energy OASIS project demonstrates the ability to use photovoltaic (PV) solar power combined with a large lithium battery storage system to provide DC fast charging and AC level 2 charging for electric vehicles. Energy is managed through a series of complex software systems that plans and optimizes the energy balance of the system.  The project investigates the impact of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Utility feeders and design mitigation strategies to reduce the charging loads of such infrastructure on the stability and reliability of our already stressed utility circuits.
The tour will include the solar PV, electric vehicle charger, battery energy storage components, as well as discussions about the system.  Time will be given for questions about each sub-system.

Powertech Labs

Powertech Labs is a subsidiary of BC Hydro, specializing in clean energy consulting, independent testing, and power system solutions.  Combining a multidisciplinary, expert staff of engineers, scientists and technologists with world leading testing facilities gives Powertech a unique advantage to help clients from around the globe to assess, test, and demonstrate their energy systems and energy-related technologies.
This visit will include a tour of Powertech’s highly specialized facilities, with a focus on the departments at Powertech that are playing key roles in emerging transportation technologies, such as hydrogen fuel system testing, hydrogen fueling stations, EV charging infrastructure and smart grid integration.  The tour will feature Powertech’s EV Technology Park which is serving as a testing and demonstration environment for the latest in EV charging technology, including DC Fast Charging and smart-grid enabled charging stations that enable bidirectional communications between EVs, charging stations, and the utility.

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