EV2014VÉ: Business opportunities outside of Canada for the Canadian EV industry


An Israeli delegation and the Singapore government looking for business partners!

EV2014VE Conference and Trade Show is glad to announce a special conference session aimed at defining business opportunities outside of Canada for Canadian companies involved in electric transport. This session will take place during our EV2014VÉ Conference in Vancouver the afternoon of Wednesday October 29, 2014.  Presenters at this session will include the following:
  • A representative from the Israeli government explaining his government’s plans for electric transport solution unique to their needs and their search for companies able to meet their technology requirements. He will be accompanied by a delegation of Israeli business executives seeking Canadian collaborators.
  • A representative from the Singapore Government to describe their EV implementation policies and the business opportunities they represent.
  • Representatives from our Federal Governments and the Governments of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia to explain their support programs for private sector companies involved in electric transport export activities.
  • A representative from Electric Mobility Canada to explain Canada’s mission to EVS 28 (the global EV event)  in Korea next May and how participating Canadian companies can benefit from significant financial support from our federal government through EMC.

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