EV Sales Report, Q1 2019 – Canada Reaches Over 100,000 EVs

May 30, 2019 – It’s official! After the record-breaking results of 2018, which brought the number of electric vehicles (EVs) to more than 93,000 across the country, Canada topped the 100,000 EV mark last March with 8025 EVs sold in the first quarter of 2019. Read our report on Q1 2019 EV sales in Canada to get all the details.

While it took just under 10 years to reach this major milestone, we should reach 200,000 EVs across the country over the next three years, if not before!

Q1 2019 EV Sales in Canada – Highlights:

  • 21% growth in EV sales compared to Q1 2018
  • 55% decrease in EV sales in Ontario compared to Q1 2018
  • 100% increase in EV sales in BC and 56% in Quebec compared to Q1 2018
  • EV market share in Canada during Q1 2019: 1,89%