EV Roadmap Updates are Underway!

The updated roadmap exercise is well underway.  With the financial support of Natural Resources Canada, this roadmap will focus on three areas: EVs, car sharing andpublic transit. The objective is to deliver recommended targets and actions, with timeline, costs, feasibility, and benefits for the next 5 years to increase transport electrification.

For EVs, the importance of raising awareness, developing necessary codes and standards along with fast charging networks will be part of the scenarios and business models. Recommendations regarding the priorities of R&D will also be made.

In order to increase the share of electric vehicles within Canada’s growing car sharing fleets, we will design an EV car sharing concept for a major Canadian urban centre based on a sustainable business model. 

As for public transit, the analysis of actual studies and offers will help determine the barriers to overcome to better plan a technology roadmap.

Many members and associations will be part of the important work that will lead to a major consultation of more stakeholders at the EV2015VÉ Conference in Halifax.  We will keep our members well informed of the evolution of the issues and solutions to shape the future of electrification. We will be happy to receive all of your ideas.

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