EMC member Jeff Dahn receives Herzberg Medal


Photo: Martin Lipman/NSERC

The work accomplished by the Dahn Lab at Dalhousie University has had an impact on nearly every aspect of lithium-ion battery research. From conducting fundamental studies on all of the materials used in lithium-ion batteries, to co-inventing some of the positive-electrode materials used in lithium-ion cells for power tools, grid energy storage and electric vehicles, Dahn’s research has contributed to making these long-lasting batteries part of our everyday lives.

Throughout his career, Dahn and his team have approached every challenge as an opportunity to improve lithium-ion battery technology. For instance, when faced with the problem of proving that lithium-ion batteries could be made to last 20 years, without actually waiting 20 years, Dahn and his team invented a high-precision tester that could accurately determine battery lifespan in a matter of weeks instead of decades. The new technology quickly caught the eye of lithium-ion battery manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers, leading Dahn’s graduate student Chris Burns to form a spin-off company (the second from the Dahn Lab) to supply the demand for this new machine.

Source: CRSNG