Electric Vehicle Sales in Canada: 2016 Half Year Update

This is an excerpt from a FleetCarma blogpost.

Volt on the rebound, and the LEAF holding strong

Overall, sales in Q1 saw a 75% year-over-year growth compared to 2015. A large reason for this year-over-year increase has been the rebound of the Chevrolet Volt. As the Q1 numbers were suggesting, the Volt has seen a significant rise in sales as the 2nd-generation model has rolled out. In the first half of 2015, Chevrolet only sold 489 of its vehicles. This year that number is 1299, almost a 300% increase.  While a large bump is expected given the change-over from first-generation and second-generation Volts, the strong growth over the 2014 Volt numbers is a notable and positive sign for the industry.

While the fortune of the Volt was to be expected, it’s interesting to see that LEAF sales have actually held strong over last year as well. In the USA, LEAF sales were down 40% this half. In Canada, they’re actually up 21%. With Nissan confirming that the next-gen LEAF will feature a 200+ mile range, it’s a little surprisingly to see that sales have held up so well. It’s possible that sales will slowly drop off as more details of the 2nd-gen model are released.