Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) & the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) issue a joint statement ahead of the Leader’s Summit on Climate

April 21, 2021

Mr. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mr. President Joe Biden,

As Canada and the United States prepare to strengthen climate commitments at the upcoming Leaders’ Summit on Climate on April 22nd, Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) and the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) would like to express our support.  We applaud the commitments our governments have made to date in the Roadmap for a Renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership and the pledged emissions reductions from our transportation sectors via zero-emission vehicles, and we encourage our governments to consider the critical role electric mobility will play in helping both countries achieve success on their paths to net-zero emissions.

While we pursue policy goals to ensure the rapid acceleration to electric transportation, it is important to note that currently,

  • Emissions in both countries account for 17% of worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • GHG emissions from transportation keep increasing in both countries;
  • Transportation is the #1 source of GHG emissions in the U.S. and will likely soon be the #1 source of GHG emissions in Canada.

Transportation electrification presents an opportunity to further reduce transportation emissions and support a growing sector of the economy that employs hundreds of thousands across the U.S. and Canada and generates new economic development through automotive and components manufacturing, battery development, and electric vehicle (EV) charging manufacturing and installation. Automotive technicians, electricians, engineers, miners, and other construction professionals all benefit from the zero-emission vehicle revolution.

As organizations committed to transitioning to zero emission transportation, we are encouraged by the joint statement made by Canada’s Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra, and United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. The statement reflected both countries’ shared ambition to work toward a zero-emission future by targeting light, medium & heavy-duty vehicles, applying best practices to incentivize the installation of EV charging and refueling stations, and further seeking policy alignment to “enable the seamless transportation of people and goods.”

Policies that enable greater access to a wide range of vehicles, as well as charging infrastructure at home, work, public places, and depots will create opportunities for more consumers and businesses to go electric. Further support for businesses to innovate and respond to the growing demand for zero emission vehicle solutions, including tax incentives, will help position North America as a leading electric transportation region and ensure a strong and predictable economic market for EVs that is ripe for investment.

EMC and ZETA both share the goal of ensuring that new vehicle sales transition to zero emissions as soon as possible and that the policies and actions our federal governments put in place help facilitate this transition. Transportation electrification will support the growth of EV-related investments, strengthen our domestic supply chains, and create jobs while opening new opportunities for greater cross-border collaboration, integration, and strengthening North America’s EV policy and market leadership. Given our status as leading national voices for zero emission transportation, collaboration between our governments and our organizations, will help Canada and the U.S. achieve net-zero emission by 2050 and work towards a zero-emission vehicle future together.  We can collaborate on policy; share research, policy proposals and best practices; facilitate cross-border government dialogue; strengthen the integrated North American market for EV technologies; grow jobs in the zero-emission transportation sector; and solidify our reputations as EV policy innovators, manufacturers and champions.

As industry coalitions, EMC and ZETA are prepared to support Canada and the United States in reaching ambitious goals to decarbonize transportation in the coming decades. Our member companies stand ready to support your joint efforts, and can provide the solutions necessary to accelerate EV adoption while strengthening the Canadian and United States economies in tandem.

EMC ZETA Joint Statement (PDF)


Daniel Breton
President and CEO
Electric Mobility Canada

Joseph Britton
Executive director
Zero Emission Transportation Association