EEKO Logical Car Rental Inc.: Short-term rental of electric vehicles in Montreal!

EEKO Logical Car Rental (EEKO), a short-term 100% electric car rental company, began its operation in July 2014. EEKO is based in Ville Saint-Laurent in Montreal and currently has four electric cars available: Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Chevrolet Volt and Spark EV.

EEKO’s mission is to convert drivers to electric mobility one rental at a time. We offer our services to individuals and companies. Whether you would like to try an EV before buying one or rent one for business, EEKO vehicles takes you where you need to go with zero emission. Our staff is always there to guide you during your rental experience.

EEKO not only has a 100% electric fleet, it also offers an outstanding customer service. We are pleased to deliver your rental vehicle at home, or at the office, in a 20 kilometer radius from our place. Our staff always takes the time needed to explain the specifications of the vehicle before you take the road.

EEKO also proposed tailored corporate packages. These are perfect for environmental friendly executives wishing to offer a unique and fun activity to their employees while learning about EVs. To learn more about our corporate packages or our rentals, visit our website or call us toll free at 1-844-EEKO-CAR !