Demonstration of the positive impact of a ZEV mandate on ZEV sales in Canada

March 16, 2022

MONTREAL – Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) fully supports the government of Canada’s engagement towards adopting a national Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) sales mandate in 2022 to guarantee sufficient supply and sales of electric vehicles (EVs) across Canada.

“These days, consumers are trapped between record high gas prices and little to no electric vehicle supply on dealers’ lots. They are told that they may have to wait between six months and two years to get a new electric vehicle, which is completely unacceptable because many consumers will simply choose a gas vehicle rather than wait. In states and provinces with ZEV mandates, consumers have access to and buy more EVs while people in other states and provinces get the leftovers of the world’s EV supply,” stated Daniel Breton, President & CEO of Electric Mobility Canada.

In January 2021, Québec’s 2018-2020 ZEV mandate implementation report indicated that “some motor vehicle manufacturers have clearly stated that they are prioritizing Quebec within the Canadian market due to the ZEV standard.”1. According to the March 2021 report from Dunsky Energy and Climate on ZEV availability, “less than a quarter of dealerships nation-wide have three or more ZEVs in stock. Outside of Quebec, BC and Ontario, only 18% of dealerships have any ZEVs available at all, and only 4% have 5 or more.”2

The data is clear: more EV models coming to market does not mean more EVs on sales lots. There are twice as many EV models offered now than a couple of years ago, yet Canadian inventory remains very low. Voluntary measures alone have never succeeded in reaching Canadian or provincial climate or ZEV sales targets and it won’t be different this time around.

As indicated in its 2030 EV Action Plan, EMC supports increased rebates, EV education and accelerated infrastructure deployment as other important elements needed to ensure Canada reaches its climate and ZEV adoption targets, but, as demonstrated below, without a stringent ZEV mandate, we will never be able to reach those targets.

State, Province or Country ZEV rebate ZEV mandate ZEV % of total sales: Q3-2021
California Yes Yes 14.0%
British-Columbia Yes Yes 11.9%
Québec Yes Yes 9.5%
Canada Yes No 5.4%
Prince-Edward-Island Yes No 3.6%
Ontario No No 3.0%
New Brunswick Yes No 1.8%
Manitoba No No 1.6%
Saskatchewan No No 1.2%

Q3 ZEV % of total sales in select jurisdictions with and without a ZEV rebate or mandate.

Canadian data:

California data:

1: Quebec 2018-2020 ZEV report:

2: Dunsky report:

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