Canada’s first EV Report Card finds much room for improvement

A first EV Report Card in Canada has just been published by EMC member SFU’s Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team (START).  While the report finds most provinces are not doing enough to get EVs on the road, it identifies opportunities for provinces and the federal government to step up.  “As the federal government prepares to release its forthcoming climate framework, the report really highlights the opportunity for Ottawa to lift all boats with strong EV policy,” said Suzanne Goldberg, Director of Research at START.

The report is an interesting tool to compare jurisdictions, and spur up discussions on the priorities to address. EMC is at work with provincial and federal governments, and all stakeholders to mainly focus on key policies, and pragmatic actions and decisions to accelerate EV adoption.

Link to Report:
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The next webinar of the EMC Webinar Series will feature a presentation around this report from Suzanne Goldberg, Director of Research at START. This webinar will be held on December 7, 2016 at 3PM ET.