BYD’s electric cars launch in Quebec

Based on an article in the Journal de Québec

The first Chinese electric cars are coming to Quebec after Transport Canada officially approved the e6 model. Some fifty BYD vehicles should soon be taking to the roads in Quebec. According to E-Taxi, the first BYD dealer in Canada, over 2000 vehicles should be on the roads of the province within two years.

The e6 taxi offers a range up to 400 km, including 300 km in winter, which makes it three times more efficient than the Kia Soul and the Nissan Leaf used by Téo Taxi.

Even if the e6 model is intended for the taxi industry, its arrival marks an important moment for the Canadian auto industry, opening its door to China.

Founded in 1995 in Shenzhen, China, BYD became a global EV giant with 240,000 workers in 6 continents. Last year, the Chinese giant sold nearly a quarter of a million vehicles, as much as Tesla.

Read the Journal de Québec’s full article. (in French only)

Photo: Chantal Poirier