Additional assistance for charging stations in multi-unit buildings in Quebec

The Government of Quebec has taken a further step to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) by adding a new component to the Roulez vert program to support the installation of charging stations in multi-unit buildings. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Jonatan Julien made the announcement on May 24, 2019, during his visit to the Quebec City Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Show.

Through the Roulez vert program, which is administered by Transition énergétique Québec, owners of a multi-unit building with five or more units or owners of an electric vehicle whose home is located in such a building are now eligible for financial assistance of up to $5,000 for the purchase and installation of a level 2 (240 V) charging station.

A member of Electric Mobility Canada and a supplier of charging solutions in the multi-unit sector for the past 4 years, the Quebec company RVE has created a checklist containing all the relevant information regarding the reimbursement of a multi-unit charging station.

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