A first 100% EV Ready Condominium

February 26, 2019 – DCC-9-BOX, a new charging solution, debuted in an Outremont condominium in Quebec, making it the first building of its kind ready to charge electric vehicles at every interior and exterior parking stall.

This project was made possible by an ambitious administration board searching for a global charging solution for all available parking spots, versus case-by-case installations. Even if the majority of homeowners reported that they did not foresee owning an electric vehicle in the short term, they understood that this common charging infrastructure would bring additional value to the property.

“Residents fully understood that a common, uniform, installation really reduced the amount of cables needed and it protects the buildings existing electrical infrastructure. This is the exact reason as to why we’re launching the DCC-9-BOX” said David Corbeil, President and Co-Founder of RVE.

FLO chargers were supplied to owners already owning an electric vehicle. The installation process was entirely managed by the condominium, motivated by the added financial and aesthetic benefits of a sole installation plus the increase in property value.

For more details on the DCC-9, visit RVE’s website.