Energy Providers Voting members

The majority of the provincial energy producers are already enjoying the multiple benefits of being an EMC member.

  • Multiple networking platforms : regional chapters, annual conference, EMC website and social media
  • Advocacy done by EMC on behalf of the industry
  • Access to valuable EV research and information
  • Participate at the Energy Provider Sector Group to access valuable information on EVs (smart grid, latest technologies, etc.)
  • Understanding of what projects other energy providers are working on
  • Awareness of the overall direction the industry is taking
  • Keeping in touch with municipalities and their EV infrastructure projects
  • Special rates at the Annual EV Conference and Trade Show



Annual Fees for 2017
Municipal level – up to 100,000 subscribers $1,260.00 Subscribe
Municipal level – over 100,000 subscribers $2,510.00 Subscribe
At the provincial level $5,460.00 Subscribe

EMC members in the Energy Producer category:

BC Hydro, Nova Scotia Power, Hydro Ottawa Limited, Burlington Hydro, New Brunswick Power, Hydro-Québec and many more.



Hydro-Québec is considered a leader in terms of transport electrification. To maintain its position, it must be in contact with stakeholders, be aware of any new developments and contribute to its expansion in Quebec and in Canada. Hydro-Québec gains a lot from participating in Electric Mobility Canada activities and initiatives. Pierre-Luc Desgagné, Director, Transportation Electrification
The major benefit is to understand the impact that EV charging will have on distribution systems. Adding an EV is like adding a home to a distribution system, and these connections will occur at the very end of the grid, which was not designed to carry these additional loads, particularly during peak usage times. The existing distribution system will only be able to handle the new loads if they are managed away from peak. Most utilities are not thinking about this yet, however, it is an upcoming problem they will have to deal with. Dan Guatto, Vice President
Engineering and Operations
Burlington Hydro