APRIL 27-30, 2020



Technical Sessions:  Tracks and Sub-tracks

1. Research and Innovation:  Pre-Commercial Technologies

    • Battery Technologies: What is the latest research in new battery chemistry, design, safety, and recycling?
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles: hydrogen storage, fuel cell industrialization, system costs
    • Smart mobility and storage: What is the latest research in smart charging, ultra-fast charging, V2X?
    • Vehicle Design:  What is the latest research in autonomous vehicles, electric powertrain and other vehicle innovation?
    • E-Mobility from an Energy & Environmental Perspective: Emissions, environmental impact, economics

2. Policies and Programs:  Accelerating Adoption

    • What policies and programs are required to accelerate adoption of EVs in Canada?
    • What are the Best practices and policies from around the world in terms of promoting e-mobility?
    • In Canada, what can we learn from the experiences of certain Provinces, Municipalities and businesses?
    • How are codes and standards advancing EV adoption in Canada?

3. Taking e-mobility further:  The Application of New Technology

    • What are the applications of new technology?  How is e-mobility re-shaping the world of mining, commercial and recreational vehicles and public transit?
    • How are commercial fleet managers applying this technology and how is the total cost of ownership driving adoption?
    • What role are businesses, site hosts, utilities, charging network operators, OEMs, landlords and condo corporations, and technology providers playing in the deployment of EVs and the rollout of a charging infrastructure?
    • How are businesses, utilities, and technology providers preparing for this deployment?

EV2020VÉ Conference & Trade Show
April 27-30, 2020 | Hilton Mississauga, Ontario CANADA
Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) invites you to the 11th annual national event. Focusing on all modes of ground electric transportation, the EV/VÉ Conference and Trade Show is the most important and respected event in the EV industry in Canada.

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Electric Mobility Canada

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