Please provide a short biography of maximum of 50 words in English and French and a headshot photo in your presenter profile



If you don’t have a profil, please make yours here. It is mandatory to have one.

We will share the biography previously provided to your session moderator.


If you wish to use a PowerPoint for your introductory presentation, please click below to access the mandatory PowerPoint. 

We offer the following guidelines:

  • 16/9 display format
  • Maximum 7 slides
  • Maximum 1 graphic image or chart per slide
  • Maximum 6 lines of text per slide, 6 bullets per image and 6 words per bullet
  • Use visual elements (logos, pictures, graphics etc.) to make your slides are interesting
  • Avoid long lists or descriptions, making sure all texts are fully legible (font size)
  • Be clear and concise

The deadline for your PowerPoint submission is October 25, 2020 at noon Eastern time.

This event was made possible with the support of our sponsors:

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