May 6 to 9, 2019

Hôtel Le Concorde, Quebec City, QC

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ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enables utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB, synonymous with electric-transportation breakthroughs during its 130-year history, has become a global leader in connected DC charging systems for electric vehicles. From DC fast charging stations with robust connectivity, to innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems and overnight sequential charging at bus depots, ABB makes transportation smarter, more reliable and sustainable. Some 8,500 internet-based DC chargers are now installed in 70 countries, more chargers than any other manufacturer, while ABB’s partnership with the FIA Formula E Championship is championing e-mobility for a sustainable future.

Fortune Magazine recently ranked ABB #8 on its list of companies that are “changing the world” for the advances it has made in e-mobility and electric vehicle charging. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 130,000 employees.


AUTOCHARGERS is an expert in the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions from the global leaders in EV charging technology since 2013.

Unveiling new EV charging station



More than a solution provider. We are partners.
Bender Group is a globally active medium-sized family company and leading provider of top-class electrical safety products and solutions. The range covers applications in the field of mobility for electric or hybrid vehicles, energy generation and distribution, regenerative energy extraction and applications in building technology and various other industrial areas. The development and production of ground fault relays for the emerging eMobility sector is one of the key focus areas for Bender, particularly for electric vehicles and charging station manufacturers.
You are designing a new charging station or electric vehicle and looking for ground fault detection solutions? Meet our Bender experts to help on your design and ideas. Bender Canada offers highly technological and efficient solutions. The end goal of our products and solutions? To make your electrical systems safe.



Bewegen Technologies was founded upon a vision to revolutionize how we move. This is why we created the most advanced bike-share system available, featuring world-class Pedelec (electric-assist) bicycle technology. Our team continues to accelerate towards innovation, maintaining an intensive focus on research and development.

The company’s pioneering Pedelec bicycle is the missing link in the urban mobility industry. It offers a flexible, affordable, and environment-friendly mode of transportation that is reshaping perceptions of active transportation around the globe. Bewegen’s Pedelec bicycle is more than a bicycle, it’s an experience.



Technology from Bosch is used in practically every vehicle in the world.

Bosch is also one of the leading global suppliers with electromobility projects in collaboration with automakers all over the world. Bosch is accelerating electrification with ever more efficient and economical solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Partnering with many car manufacturers in Canada and around the globe, Bosch offers a wide range of Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for residential and commercial.


Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) provides Quebec businesses and the regions of Quebec with funding and assistance as they move towards the economy of tomorrow. CED focuses its activities on SMEs and NPOs with an economic orientation by leveraging innovation and inclusive growth, promoting projects with significant economic benefits, and working as an enabler to bring together the right mix of project partners.

CED is currently the key federal partner for regional economic development in Quebec, and supports the Government of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan, which aims to make Canada a global leader in innovation.

By supporting innovation, CED is fostering economic growth and job creation all across Quebec, and helping Quebec businesses and the regions of Quebec make the transition towards the economy of tomorrow.

CED is a regional development agency, part of the Innovation, Science and Economic Development portfolio.

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by Mogile Technologies Inc

Mogile Technologies’ mission is to increase the adoption of electric mobility by providing innovative online solutions.

Mogile Technologies’ flagship product for consumers is ChargeHub, a platform that helps people choose their electric vehicle, get set up with charging at home and find charging stations on the go.

Mogile Technologies also offers a suite of fully customizable software modules for companies and organizations looking to efficiently accelerate EV adoption. These modules include:
– EV Outreach and Adoption Module
– EV Incentives & Costs Module
– EV Insight Module
– EV Home Charger POS Module
– EV Mentor Module
– EV Exclusive Module
– EV Ride & Drive Module
– EV Public Charging Module


Electric Autonomy Canada

Startup corner

Launching at EV2019VÉ

Electric Autonomy Canada is an independent news and event forum dedicated to empowering Canadian leaders to make confident decisions on the adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles for a safer, cleaner and more economical future.

Our focus is on industry rather than consumers, and on people and policies more than vehicle hardware. Our weekly newsletter summarizes the five most important stories of the week and includes original journalism on the sector. Our growing Databank is a reference source for industry research, case studies and best practices. 

Send your press releases and news stories to: Editorial@ElectricAutonomy.Ca  

> ElectricAutonomy.Ca

Electric Circuit

 The Electric Circuit is Canada’s first public charging network for electric vehicles (EVs). It offers both 240-volt and 400-volt charging stations. The stations are installed in the parking lots of the Circuit’s numerous partners across Québec and in the North-East of Ontario.

Since its launch on March 30, 2012, the Electric Circuit has rapidly expanded to many Québec regions, with continued expansion into new urban areas. Electric Circuit charging stations are rolled out based on the geographical distribution of EV sales, users’ needs and partners’ business strategies.

While most electric vehicle charging is done at home and at work, the public charging infrastructure allows EV drivers to travel worry-free, knowing they can top up their batteries on the road if necessary.


Elmec / EV Duty

Located in the Grand-Mère sector of Shawinigan, Québec (Canada), Elmec Inc. was created in 1998. Elmec is renowned for the development and implementation of personalized products, including its well-known electrical systems for customized machineries. In 2012 Elmec decided to diversify its activities by integrating the manufacture of charging stations for electric vehicles and the control of machinery using web and mobile applications.



EVS33 2020 Portland OR USA – Exclusive First Time Offer for EMC-MEC Members: EMC-MEC members to benefit from exhibit space at EDTA Member rate.

SAVE THE DATE – June 14-17, 2020 Portland OR USA – for EVS33 World Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition. Over 3,000 attendees are expected to converge at the Oregon Convention Center to ELECTRIFY. INNOVATE. MOBILIZE.  EVS33 will also showcase a Ride Drive & Charge for public and attendees. Now is your chance to be part of EVS since the last time to the USA back in 2012! (EVS33 is organized by EDTA and hosted by EDTA, FORTH & WEVA).

Contact Marie Lou Coupal, Director, Global Sales – Canada, Europe, Asia – EVS33 / WhatsApp: +1 438.822.3882

Sponsorship Opportunities at EVS33: Meet me at EV2019VÉ in Québec (Stand 25) and EVS32 in Lyon (Stand G47- AVERE).

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FleetCarma, a division of Geotab is an award-winning IOT cleantech solution provider. FleetCarma has been providing solutions to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles since 2007. A robust cloud platform and a connected car device are at the core of its solutions. This technology is critical for utilities to manage the growth of electric load from electric vehicle charging. We enable clean, reliable and affordable power for all homes by integrating electric vehicles with the grid.



FLO is Canada’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network. We operate a comprehensive charging ecosystem that fulfills EV drivers’ needs wherever they may be—at home, at work or on the go—by ensuring a consistently simple and seamless experience across North America. FLO offers smart home charging solutions for both single-family houses and multi-unit residential buildings, as well as access to thousands of public charging stations in Canada and in the United States. FLO also provides turnkey solutions to property managers, business owners, employers and municipal administrators who wish to support EV adoption by supplying charging services. FLO is a subsidiary company of AddEnergie, a North American leader in electric vehicle charging solutions.



Committed to advancing the promise of electrified transportation, Greenlots delivers new mobility infrastructure solutions designed to connect people to their destinations in a safer, cleaner and smarter way. Greenlots, a member of the Shell Group, is powering the future of electric transportation with industry-leading software and services that equip drivers, site hosts, and network operators to efficiently deploy, manage, and leverage EV charging infrastructure at scale.



IES is a leading designer and manufacturer of fast charging solutions for the Electric Vehicle market. We provide on-board and external battery charging solutions for the consumer and industrial EV markets. Our solutions offer new answers to the electromobility challenge, providing compact and durable products for use in any outside environment, thanks to our unique proprietary high frequency KEYWATT and ELIPS technologies.



Founded in 2013, InnovÉÉ contributes to strengthening the Québec economy in the energy and electrical and intelligent transportation sectors. The organization is mandated by the MEI to stimulate technological innovation through collaborative research and development (R & D) in these streams. This mandate is reflected in the establishment of strategic partnerships and concrete R & D projects between industry and research and public research centers in highly innovative sectors. In Quebec as well as outside the province, InnovÉÉ is recognized as a model for stimulating innovation in businesses, as a strategic lever dedicated to strengthening the innovation ecosystem and training specialized personnel.

Researchers from ÉTS, Concordia University, McGill University and the Innovative Vehicle Institute who will be present at our booth are doing collaborative research in the field of energy; they design smart grids or energy storage systems, they develop innovative alternatives to fossil fuel or they contribute to projects that use renewable energy for electricity generation. Their work focuses on the following themes:

  • power electronics, efficiency and quality of electrical energy;
  • renewable energies, integration, storage and energy management;
  • production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy;
  • electrification of transport;
  • development of industrial applications.


iSun Energy

iSun Energy is a team which develops solar powered EV charging stations and carports. The products are developed in Quebec with components manufactured  exclusively in Canada or the USA. Our software platform merges the ability to control EV charging and view solar power produced on site, thereby maximizing the opportunity for use of clean, distributed solar power for the charging of electric vehicles. Grid-tie ensures that power is available to EV chargers at all times of day and night. Further information is available at



KARGO is a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of electric utility vehicles designed mainly for industrial, institutional and government use. The KARGO vehicle is made of aluminum, making it exceptionally light—one of the most important features of an electric vehicle, giving it greater autonomy. With its innovative design, our vehicle is easy to maintain and has a modular rear unit adaptable to the client’s specifications for various tasks.

Since May 2018, the KARGO vehicle is certified as a low-speed vehicle by the SAAQ and can travel on public roadways where the posted speed limit is no more than 50 km/h.


Leading Ahead Energy

Startup corner

LeadingAhead Energy is a Vancouver based company with nationwide operations. We work alongside electrical engineers, development companies, property managers, and hotel chains on planning, providing and installing EV charging infrastructure. Our approach to consulting allows us to recommend the best EV charging solutions to our clients as we travel the globe to find new innovative solutions. 

We provide:

  • EV Strategic planning
  • Custom EV solutions
  • EV chargers from key industry manufacturers offering load sharing/balancing/management
  • We offer construction leases for all type of developments
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 


Leviton Manufacturing

Leveraging more than a century of experience, Leviton Manufacturing Ltd. has evolved to become a leading, global provider of electrical wiring devices, data connectivity solutions, networking systems, automation solutions and lighting and energy management systems. Leviton is committed to creating safe, sustainable products that address the changing world and challenges of the future. Leviton offers a complete line of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and support services. Whether you are the owner of an electric vehicle, a commercial or retail business owner or utility company, there’s an Evr-Green® solution for you.


Peak Power

Peak Power provides intelligent software solutions for the modern energy market. Peak’s Synergy software optimizes the operation of distributed energy assets such as battery energy storage and electric vehicles. Peak Power has recently launched “Peak Drive”,  a vehicle-to-grid project in Toronto that will use the batteries of EVs to reduce energy use for large commercial buildings starting Summer 2019.



Plugzio’s mission is to “make charging simple”. We have accomplished that by creating the most affordable yet intelligent access controlled outlet that automatically bills the user who authenticates it. Plugzio can also be remotely controlled and monitored from a mobile phone. Since Plugzio is an outlet, it can also be used in conjunction with any fixed charger to make it smart.

Plugzio’s powerful cloud platform takes away any administrative tasks for property owners to allow their users to access and share electricity. We make charging for electricity as easy as a tap.

Plugzio can retrofit and enhance existing infrastructure or it can be installed on its own. Even if the garage has no reception, our innovative mesh technology can take the internet from ground level as many levels down as needed.



Proterra designs and manufactures the world’s best performing, zero emission battery-electric buses. With over 500 vehicles sold to 64 different transit agencies, airports, and universities in North America, Proterra is committed to providing state of the art, high performance vehicles to meet Canada’s growing market demand.

Our revolutionary battery-electric buses help fleet operators abandon fossil fuels, improve environmental quality and reduce operating costs. Proterra vehicles have proven themselves over more than 4 million miles of service. A revolution is taking place. Proterra is taking transit on a new route.


National Research Council Canada (NRC)

Building on Canada’s excellent reputation for turning research into innovative solutions, NRC’s Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre works with partners to take ideas from concept to commercialization. With a proven track record, unmatched research, development and demonstration capabilities and access to innovation support, the NRC has earned a reputation as a valued contributor to the automotive and surface transportation sector including: passenger vehicles, heavy-haul and light rail, heavy-duty trucking fleets, specialized military vehicles, and first response vehicles.

The Vehicle Propulsion Technologies (VPT) program aims to develop technologies needed by vehicle and part manufacturers to be a leaders in mobility, specifically in the field of electrification. VPT works with partners and clients to develop, optimize and test technologies aimed at improving electric vehicle performance, economics and safety. Not only can the NRC perform lab-scale research, testing and pre-certification, we have the facilities and expertise for full-scale prototyping as well as production scale-up.

Have a strategic R&D project in mind or need to solve immediate technical problems, meet our NRC experts to develop your innovative ideas and help you reduce the time to get them to market.



Startup corner

RVE offers products and advices to facilitate the integration of electric vehicles in multiresidential buildings.


Today’s public transportation systems are better than ever. Urbanites are now going farther with ease, for both work, leisure and exploration. At Urban Machina, we believe that this experience can be further improved with with sustainability, efficiency and fun..



SWTCH provides innovative solutions for electric vehicle charging and energy management in multi-tenant residential, workplace, and public destination settings. From private individual to shared public charging, our solutions are uniquely tailored to benefit electric vehicle drivers, building owners, and grid operators. Platform features include usage enforcement, simple billing, smart energy management, and OCPP compliance. Our mission is to improve electric vehicle charging accessibility and ensure effective integration of electric vehicles in our distributed energy future.


EV2019VÉ Conference & Trade Show
May 6th to 9th, 2019 | Hôtel Le Concorde, Quebec City, Quebec CANADA
Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) invites you to the 10th annual national event, taking place in Quebec City, Quebec from May 6th to 9th, 2019. Focusing on all modes of ground electric transportation, the EV/VÉ Conference and Trade Show is the most important and respected event in the EV industry in Canada.

Organised by

Electric Mobility Canada

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