Provincial Advocacy

Electric Mobility Canada is regularly asked to influence and be part of discussions with governments and other stakeholders on policies to increase EV adoption.

For government electric vehicle related issues at the provincial level, Electric Mobility Canada will act in order to promote the acceleration of transport electrification all over Canada. Pleading for the introduction or renewal of EV incentives programs, taking position on particular EV related topic – such as the availability of EVs – and recommending actions to be taken by the governments are among the advocacy initiatives taken by EMC.

With the publication of its Roadmap for accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles, EMC has well covered the demand side recommendations.  The basic recommendations (raising awareness, increasing incentives – federal and/or provincial – and their predictability, increasing infrastructure (main effort on workplace charging and on DCFC), and other related measures such as HOV lanes) have demonstrated to have a major impact on EV adoption.

In April 2016, EMC’s supply and demand policy was completed, supported by a working group that conducted a review of major studies on different supply and demand policies in North America.

Ontario Advocacy

On July 3rd, 2018, the newly-elected Government of Ontario cancelled the cap and trade program. Given that the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program (EHVIP) and the Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program were funded through cap-and-trade proceeds, they were cancelled as well.

Ontario’s EHVIP, providing purchase incentives of up to $14,000 per EV, contributed to significantly increasing EV demand in the province. The removal of these incentives will unfortunately result in an important reduction in EV demand.

Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) has undertaken a number of activities to ensure that the members of the new Ontario government understand the economic and environmental importance of electromobility to the province and to Ontarians. An Ontario Government Relations Committee was created to address the specific needs of this important technology and also promote the many benefits the increased use of EVs can provide all Ontarians. EMC has also retained a lobbyist close to the Ford Government to develop the messaging, communications and other tools intended to ensure that the new government understand the importance of our industry to the Province.

In the coming months, EMC will keep you informed of our progress and will engage all current EV owners to help us in our communication efforts.

Ontario Government Relations Committee Co-Chairs
Andrea Brown, Ontario Power Generation
Wilf Steimle, The EV Society

Quebec Advocacy

  • Zero Emission Vehicle Standard (Quebec)


The chapter groups are useful to review the issues, our positions and to keep our action plan up-to-date.

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