Provincial Advocacy

Electric Mobility Canada is regularly asked to influence and be part of discussions with governments and other stakeholders on policies to increase EV adoption.

For government electric vehicle related issues at the provincial level, Electric Mobility Canada will act in order to promote the acceleration of transport electrification all over Canada. Pleading for the introduction or renewal of EV incentives programs, taking position on particular EV related topic – such as the availability of EVs – and recommending actions to be taken by the governments are among the advocacy initiatives taken by EMC.

With the publication of its Roadmap for accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles, EMC has well covered the demand side recommendations.  The basic recommendations (raising awareness, increasing incentives – federal and/or provincial – and their predictability, increasing infrastructure (main effort on workplace charging and on DCFC), and other related measures such as HOV lanes) have demonstrated to have a major impact on EV adoption.

In April 2016, EMC’s supply and demand policy was completed, supported by a working group that conducted a review of major studies on different supply and demand policies in North America.

Areas of focus for EMC in 2017

  • Zero Emission Vehicle Standard (Quebec)
  • Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Advancement Partnership (Ontario)
  • Priorities as discussed in our Regional Chapter meetings (QC, ON, BC and NS)


List of consultations/events to which EMC has participated in 2016-2017

Transition Énergétique Québec
November 20, 2017
475, boulevard De Maisonneuve Est, Montréal, Canada
EMC’s President & CEO participated.

Meeting with the BC Government
November 8, 2016
Victoria, BC

Committee on Transportation and the Environment
National Assembly, Quebec
EMC presented a memoir.

CANC-IEC Workshop
Ottawa, ON
EMC to give a presentation.

Queen’s Park EV Day
September 26, 2016
Legislative Assembly of Ontario Building, Toronto
Meeting with Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray is on the agenda.

Committee on Transportation and the Environment
National Assembly, Quebec
EMC presented a memoir.


List of publications (incomplete)

The chapter groups are useful to review the issues, our positions and to keep our action plan up-to-date.