Federal Advocacy

Electric Mobility Canada regularly submits documents to the federal government in order to accelerate transport electrification in Canada. These include memoirs to parliamentary commissions, submissions to Canada’s Standing Committee on Finance, and others.

Areas of focus in 2018-2019

  • Canadian Clean Fuel standard

Objective: Develop for 2019 a regulation for all fuels and alternative fuels, based on a performance mechanism, measuring carbon intensity by LCA, and recognizing regional differences

Learn more on the considerations for electric vehicle credit generation as established by the Clean Fuel Standard Multi-Stakeholder Consultative Committee.

  • Canadian Electric Vehicle Strategy

Objective: Expanding the number of zero-emission vehicles on Canadian roads / Supporting the shift from higher to lower-emitting types of transportation / Including through investing in infrastructure

To learn more on the work done by EMC in the development of this strategy, click here.

Recent Publications

EMC Federal Budget 2020 Input Final (January 2020)
Letter to the Prime Minister (November 2019)
ZEV Support Policies and Programs (August 2019)
Forecasting Canada’s Expected Demand for Low-Carbon Fuels and Electric Vehicles in 2030 (July 2019)
Presentation to Senate Finance Committee (June 2019)
Supply and Demand Policy for Zero Emission Vehicles (April 2019)
Federal Pre-Budget Submission – 2019
 (September 2018)
Standing Committee on Transport 
(March 2018)

Government Relations Committee

This committee manages EMC’s advocacy activities on behalf of its members.

Committee members

Ken Bondy, Unifor-Canada
Patrick Brown, Hydro Ottawa
Andrea Brown, Ontario Power Generation
Cara Clairman, Plug’N Drive
Éric Deschamps, ATHENA Technolo-G INC.
Patrick Desrochers, Nordresa
Ted Dowling, BYD
Suzanne Goldberg, ChargePoint
Ian Jack, CAA National
Catherine Kargas, Marcon
Carter Li, SwtchEV
Gleb Nikiforov, Autochargers
Phil Petsinis, General Motors of Canada
Wilf Steimle, Electric Vehicle Society
Matt Stevens, FleetCarma
Jeff Turner, Dunsky Energy Consulting

Federal Advocacy – Past activities

Federal Advocacy – Past publications