Virtual workshop on V2H-V2G & Smart Mobility Management

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 from 4:30 to 6pm ET

9 top experts will talk about their impact and potential opportunies for:

  • The automotive sector,
  • The consumer market,
  • Utilities and Infrastructure providers.

Introductory presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion featuring:

  1. Daniel Breton / President and CEO / Electric Mobility Canada (moderator)
  2. Sanjay Ravi / General Manager, Automotive Industry / Microsoft
  3. Abel Zacharie / Product Line Manager for Fleet Solutions / FLO
  4. Karim Zaghib / Strategic Advisor / Investissement Québec
  5. François Lefevre / Senior Manager Corporate Planning & Market Intelligence / Nissan Canada
  6. Alexandre Beaudet / Product Manager Electric Mobility / HILO
  7. Theresa Cooke / Vice President, Business Development and Strategy / Siemens Canada
  8. Jeff Turner / Senior Research Lead on Clean Mobility / Dunsky Energy
  9. François Bédard / Expert on Smart Cities and Mobility / Plan B

Attendance is limited. Members are encouraged to register today!

Sponsored by Microsoft Canada & Electric Mobility Canada. Please note that this a free event.

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Daniel Breton / President and CEO / Electric Mobility Canada (moderator)

Daniel Breton is President and CEO of Electric Mobility Canada, one of the very first organizations dedicated to the electrification of transportation in the world. This organization has members coming from diverse industries such as electricity suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, cities, universities, unions, technology companies, research centers, government departments, environmental NGOs, electric vehicle owners’ associations, fleet managers, etc.

A former Quebec Minister of the Environment, Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Parks, he was the first elected official in Canada to be in charge of a government strategy for the electrification of transportation in 2012. He graduated in sustainable carbon management and has written several books on the subject of transportation electrification, climate change, air pollution and energy transition.

Sanjay Ravi / General Manager, Automotive Industry / Microsoft

Sanjay Ravi is responsible for the development of Microsoft’s global Automotive industry business. He leads the team that supports vehicle manufacturers and mobility service providers including their suppliers and ecosystem partners with innovative solutions and services strategies that accelerate digital transformation. Leveraging the breadth and depth of Microsoft technologies along with partner solutions, Ravi’s team guides the growth and competitive strategies for Microsoft in the following areas: accelerated vehicle innovation, resilient operations, differentiated customer experience, emerging mobility services, and increased organizational productivity. Ravi and his team are focused on partnering with automakers to bring new digital capabilities and monetization opportunities to the Automotive market quickly.

Ravi holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Madras and a Master of Science degree in Manufacturing Systems from Syracuse University. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School General Management Program.

Abel Zacharie / Product Line Manager for Fleet Solutions / FLO

Product manager at Flo, responsible for the CoRe+ Level 2 platforms and associated fleet solutions, will present at Smart Mobility Management Workshop.

Graduated as a P. Eng. in Electrical Engineering, Abel soon developed a passion for understanding how technology can fulfill customer value and consequently occupied various product management related positions, in manufacturing organizations such as ABB Bomem and Prevost, a division of Volvo Group.

Karim Zaghib / Strategic Advisor / Investissement Québec

Professor, McGill University, Department of Mining and Material Engineering

Strategic Advisor, Investissement Québec

Dr. Karim Zaghib is a world-renowned scientist who specializes in energy storage and the electrification of transportation. His many seminal scientific publications in these fields have earned him numerous honours and distinctions. He is regularly invited to take part in international conferences as an expert speaker to address issues involving energy storage and new battery technologies.

As director of research into the development of materials for lithium-ion batteries at Hydro-Québec, he helped make it the world’s first company to use lithium iron phosphate in cathodes and to develop natural graphite and nanotitanate anodes. The team’s most recent advances, achieved in collaboration with universities, research centres and businesses, are paving the way for the next generation of electric vehicle batteries, an area in which Québec is well positioned to play a leading role.

François Lefevre / Senior Manager Corporate Planning & Market Intelligence / Nissan Canada

François Lefèvre is senior manager of Market Intelligence and Corporate Planning at Nissan Canada Inc. (NCI), a position to which he was appointed in March of 2018. Lefèvre has the most experience working on the Nissan LEAF in Canada, as NCI’s chief marketing manager for LEAF and EVs a role he began in December of 2015. Through that tenure, Lefèvre was responsible for product, marketing and sales strategy development for the Nissan LEAF in Canada as well as analyzing the profitability, model-option-trim level performance, pricing, competitive product activities, and managing the vehicle distribution and production forecast.

Lefèvre was instrumental in the successful market launch for the current-generation LEAF in 2018, including the pre-sale program and satisfying Ontario LEAF orders before the provincial EHVIP deadline for incentives passed. Lefèvre also enhanced a number of partnerships, including NCI’s connection to FLO.

Prior to his current role, Lefèvre held a number of progressive positions at Nissan Canada in Sales Planning, Aftersales, Dealer Operations, Sales Operations, and Marketing for the INFINITI brand.  Lefèvre’s career with Nissan Canada started in May of 2007.

Lefèvre holds a bachelor of commerce degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the Tefler School of Management at the University of Ottawa, and also worked in the automotive industry and studied abroad in France at the Audencia Business School.

He is located at Nissan Canada Inc.’s head office in Mississauga, Ontario, and speaks both English and French.

François Lefèvre can speak to the following topics:

  • The evolution of electric vehicles in Canada, from 2011-present day
  • What is needed for EV adaption to increase in Canada
  • How provincial and federal support or lack thereof, impacts EV sales
  • In-depth questions about the functionality of the Nissan LEAF/LEAF PLUS
  • Insight into the Canadian customer across all vehicle segments, not just electric vehicles
  • Nissan Energy Share – V2X/V2L/V2H/V2B/V2G

Alexandre Beaudet / Product Manager Electric Mobility / HILO

Alexandre Beaudet is Product Manager at Hilo, a Hydro-Québec subsidiary offering smart energy services for homes and businesses. He is responsible for designing and deploying smart charging and electric vehicle-grid integration solutions. Prior to joining Hilo, he was Innovation Program Manager at InnovÉÉ (Montreal), Research Analyst at Science-Metrix (Montreal), Innovation Manager at Imperial College (London), Business Development Manager at Hydrogenics Corp. (Tokyo & Toronto), and Associate Researcher at Mitsubishi Research Institute (Tokyo). He studied economics at the University of Montreal and Hitotsubashi University, and completed a PhD in Energy Policy at Imperial College London in 2011. In total, Dr. Beaudet has over 20 years of experience in the clean energy sector as researcher, consultant, business development manager and product manager, with a focus on electric mobility since 2000.

Theresa Cooke / Vice President, Business Development and Strategy / Siemens Canada

Originally from Toronto, Dr. Theresa Cooke completed college (CEGEP) in Quebec, a BSc in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and a doctorate in neuroscience from University of Tubingen / Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, with a focus on human & machine perception. In 2007, she joined Siemens’ internal consultancy in New York City, then led Siemens’ global offshore wind strategy group out of Denmark. Since 2010, she has served in various strategy roles across Siemens’ North American energy business. She currently heads Corporate Business Development for Siemens Canada, driving growth through cross-selling, IoT, cybersecurity, and eMobility. She is also responsible for Siemens Canada’s Engineering & Technology Academy (SCETA) and its German-inspired Dual Education program for post-secondary students. Theresa is married with three young children and is a certified professional coach, yoga teacher, and musician with 4 original tracks on Soundcloud.

Jeff Turner / Senior Research Lead on Clean Mobility / Dunsky Energy

Jeff Turner is the Senior Research Lead for Clean Mobility at Dunsky Energy Consulting.  Jeff’s passion for clean mobility and advanced energy technologies has led to a career at the nexus of sustainable transportation, energy storage, demand response and renewable energy. His experience – more than a decade working with vehicle manufacturers, research institutes, utilities and governments – affords him a unique, grounded perspective on what is needed to move the needle on market adoption of clean energy technologies. Jeff’s work has covered personal and commercial vehicle engineering, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, energy storage technology, vehicle-grid integration, and demand response, among others.

Jeff is a recognized leader in transportation electrification, and currently serves on the board of Electric Mobility Canada. Prior to joining Dunsky, Jeff worked at Powertech Labs, a subsidiary of BC Hydro, where he led EV charging infrastructure initiatives, supported EV adoption within corporate and government fleets, and contributed to the development of utility and government programs and policies. Jeff also spent two years working for Azure Dynamics, a manufacturer of electric and hybrid trucks and commercial vehicles. Jeff holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from McGill University.

François Bédard / Expert on Smart Cities and Mobility / Plan B

Francois is passionate about digital identity, content and sustainable innovation for Smart Municipalities with a Citizen focus. He has many hats in the connected content industry and an expert for develop digital product roadmap services. Cumulating more than 25 years in strategic planning and account management in the digital media industry and funded Plan B Développement Inc & Associates in 2009, he is a senior advisor in Innovation, supervises multidisciplinary teams and is always looking for new sources of income for his client partner.

He was a speaker at the first Canadian Smart Home Conference in 2013 in Toronto. He is also in charge of the Smart Building Empathic committee at NUMANA and he is active in the transport electrification industry in the area of ​​connected services as well as in the smart buildings sector. Francois and his team are collaborating with CISCO, Microsoft, WILLOW and Olli from Local Motors under

He is actively involved with clients such as DIACC, NUMANA, the city of Montreal, Casino de Montreal, LEMAY, Groupe Alphard, Local Motors, Bombardier Transport, Morelli Design, Samsung Canada Smart. Author of a thesis on the Economy of Connected Applications in February 2013 at the request of the Quebec Ministry of Finance. Member of the editorial committee for a professional audiovisual meeting organized by the Embassy of France and the Ottawa ICTC in 2012 and senior advisor for the FSVC for Morocco (NGO = Financial Services Volunteer Corps).