April 3, 2020

COVID-19 crisis, 9 recommendations from Electric Mobility Canada:

  1. Transport Canada: Incentives to buyers of EVs
  2. NRCan: Expand network of charging stations across Canada
  3. NRCan + Transportation: Financial Support for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  4. Treasury Board Secretariat: GST Exemption on the purchase of new and used EVsand EV Charging Equipment
  5. ISED: Support for Electric Mobility Canada
  6. Transport Canada: Incentives to buyers of used EVs
  7. Treasury Board Secretariat: pre-order vehicles
  8. ECCC: Clean Fuel Standard
  9. Treasury Board Secretariat: Federal Government to adopt its own fleet electrification program

Consult the recommendations from EMC to support the electrified transportation high-tech industry in Canada during the Covid-19 crisis.