Al Cormier Award

The Al Cormier award is named after Electric Mobility Canada’s founder, Al Cormier, who founded EMC in 2006, one of the first known organization focused on advancing electric mobility anywhere in the world.

EMC awards this national recognition annually to an individual who is or has been a champion in advancing the electrification of transportation. The Al Cormier Award recognizes an individual’s success rather than an organization’s success and must be beyond the person’s job description and display an exceptional contribution in one or more of the following criteria:

  • Excellence or leadership in electric mobility
  • Exceptional project or long-term initiative
  • Lifetime achievement
  • EMC association leadership
  • Substantially demonstrated that he or she is an innovator, leader, pioneer and / or initiator of significance in the realm of electric mobility


  • An individual based in Canada who has made an impact in Canada or globally as outlined above
  • Not necessarily an EMC member
  • May be awarded post posthumously


  • Nominations may be sponsored by any EMC member in good standing in any category

The 2022 Al Cormier Award recipient will be announced in September at EVVE 2022.