Committees and Working Groups

Membership in committees of Electric Mobility Canada is open to all ‘Voting Members’ and subject to approval by the Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving on any of the following committees, please let our staff know at  Your request will be presented to the board at its next meeting for approval and you will be informed of the results.

National Government Relations Committee

This committee manages EMC’s advocacy activities on behalf of its members.


Travis Allan, AddÉnergie Technologies Inc

Committee members

  • Kristel Arnold, Manitoba Hydro
  • Devin Arthur, EV Society
  • Ken Bondy, Unifor
  • Maxime Charron, Leading Ahead Energy
  • Cara Clairman, Plug n Drive
  • Ted Dowling, BYD
  • Annie Gilleo, Greenlots
  • Suzanne Goldberg, ChargePoint
  • Dan Guatto, Burlington Hydro
  • Charlotte Argue, Geotab
  • JC Lambert, Lithion Recycling
  • Carter Li, Swtch
  • Tyler Seed, OPG
  • Jeff Turner, Dunsky
  • Travis Allan, FLO/AddÉnergie Technologies Inc.
  • Michael Frisina, Alectra
  • Dilhari Fernando, Canada Post
  • Francois Fortier, Dana
  • Carolyn Kim, Pembina
  • Patrick Gervais, Lion Electric
  • Stephen Koskoletos, ABB
  • Joanna Kyriazis, Clean Energy Canada
  • Christos Kritsidimas, NovaBus (Volvo)
  • Daniel Lai, EnelX
  • Andrew Buddle, Teck Resources
  • Brendan McEwen, AES Engineering
  • Iain Myrans, Tesla
  • Umer Khan, CSA Group

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for EMC’s communication plan, website, social media and membership strategies. The committee also measures and manages the satisfaction of its current members.


Patrick Gervais, Lion Electric

Louise Lévesque, Association des Véhicules Électriques du Québec (AVEQ)

Committee members

  • Laura Bryson, SWTCH
  • Umer Khan, CSA group
  • Erin Burbidge, Clean Foundation
  • Ron Burton, Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA)

Finance Committee

This committee provides financial oversight for EMC including budgeting, financial planning and financial reporting; as well as the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.


Sanjeev Pushkarna, NS Power (Treasurer of EMC)

Committee members

  • Theresa Cooke, Siemens Canada
  • Ted Dowling, BYD

Membership Stewardship Committee

The Membership Stewardship Committee provides insights regarding membership issues to maintain EMC’s focus on serving its members and supporting membership engagement activities. This committee focuses on the following three key areas:

  1. Membership Stewardship & Growth
  2. Membership Engagement & Events
  3. Membership Policies


Megan Lohmann, Community Energy

Committee members

  • Travis Allan, FLO
  • Kristel Arnold, Manitoba Hydro
  • Andrew Buddle, Teck Resources
  • Suzanne Goldberg, ChargePoint
  • Jeff Turner, Dunsky