Norway vs. British Columbia: The Great Electric Vehicle Race

– June 11, 2014 – BC Sustainable Energy Association – 

At the latest count BC had 932 EVs on the road, while Norway has over 29,000, plus 1500 plug-in hybrid EVs. This April, electric vehicles were 12% of all new car sales in Norway, and 11.5% of used imports. So what gives? Why is Norway rushing ahead so fast?

Sit, and drool. If you buy an electric vehicle in Norway, first you pay no tax, which saves you $4,000.

Next, your annual driving fee (we have no equivalent) is just $73, compared to $524 for a regular car.

Next perk? No parking charges, anywhere in Norway. That saves $8 a week, or $436 a year.

Next? No road tolls around Oslo, which cost the average Norwegian driver $25 a week, or $1,310 a year. And on top of this, electric vehicles are allowed to drive in the bus lanes, just to prove that they are the superior species.

And finally, the electricity needed to run an EV costs far less than the fuel for a regular car – $10 a week, compared to $55.

Read the entire article from Guy Dauncey from BCSEA here.