2016 Federal Budget: Investments in EVs

The allocated investment to electric vehicles and alternative transportation fuel infrastructure of $62.5M over the next two years is welcomed and was one of the priority measures recommended by EMC in its Roadmap as investment in charging infrastructure is essential for increasing the adoption of EVs. The expanding tax support for clean energy now eligible to electric vehicle charging and electrical energy storage is also positive. The budget presents an increased allocation of funds for research in clean and sustainable technology.

EMC intends to work collaboratively and intensify discussions with all relevant stakeholders to ensure funding of the actions recommended in its roadmap. There is an obvious synergy between a clean growing economy associated with transportation electrification, the objectives of the Low Carbon Fund and the innovative green municipal projects, and investments in public transit. EMC looks forward to working with the Federal Government to ensure that these synergies translate into an acceleration of EV deployment in Canada.

Link to the 2016 Federal Budget: http://www.budget.gc.ca/2016/docs/plan/toc-tdm-en.html