Manufacturers or Industry Voting members

More than 50 industry leaders, from automobile manufacturers and suppliers to consulting firms, are already taking advantage of being an EMC member. Membership benefits include:

  • Multiple networking platforms : regional chapters, sector groups, annual conference, EMC website and social media
  • Advocacy done by EMC on behalf of the industry
  • Business opportunities with potential buyers and suppliers
  • Access to valuable EV information (webinars, EV sales, etc.)
  • Awareness of the overall direction the industry is taking
  • Learning from research centers, and about upcoming technologies
  • Special rates at the Annual EV Conference and Trade Show.


Annual Fees for 2017
Up to 10 employees $500.00 Subscribe
11 to 50 employees $1,150.00 Subscribe
51 to 100 employees $2,300.00 Subscribe
101 to 500 employees $3,360.00 Subscribe
More than 500 employees $5,250.00 Subscribe

EMC members in the Manufacturers and Industry Category

Ford Motor Company Canada, General Motors, Nissan Canada Inc, BMW, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada Inc., Leviton Canada, Sun Country Highway, Rio Tinto Alcan, Schneider Electric, CrossChasm Technologies Inc., and many more.



Electric Mobility Canada provides a one-stop shop that enables Nissan to keep up to date on what is happening in the electrification of transportation in Canada. It is also a useful partner in opening doors to discussion with governments and power companies on infrastructure development and support programs that will encourage the sale of electric cars. Ian Forsyth, Director
Corporate Planning and Business Strategies
Nissan Canada