Fleet managers Voting members

This category of membership encompasses private and public fleets along with public transit agencies and other company fleets. For fleet owners/operators who have or want to integrate EVs into their fleets, the multiple benefits of being an EMC member include:

  • Multiple networking platforms : regional chapters, annual conference, EMC website and social media
  • Advocacy done by EMC on behalf of the industry
  • Access to valuable EV research and information
  • Understanding of what projects other fleets and public transit agencies are working on
  • Awareness of the overall direction the industry is taking
  • Keeping in touch with municipalities and their EV infrastructure projects
  • Special rates at the Annual EV Conference and Trade Show


Annual Fees for 2017
Less than 50 vehicles $500.00 Subscribe
51 to 500 vehicles $1,150.00 Subscribe
501 to 2000 vehicles $2,300.00 Subscribe
2001 to 4000 vehicules $3,300.00 Subscribe
Over 4000 vehicles $5,600.00 Subscribe

EMC members in the Fleet Managers category:

Purolator Inc., Metro Vancouver, Gestion AVT, City of Vancouver, Communauto, Téo Taxi, Metrolinx and many more.


To the fleet manager today, the question is how to stay abreast of the EV industry, given its rapid pace of change? Electric Mobility Canada is the answer. EMC is the go-to source for EV information and as such, membership is tremendously beneficial for anyone directly involved in the automotive and/or fleet industries. Roger Smith, Executive Director
Fleet Challenge Ontario
As we renew our fleet in the downtown city cores, we continuously challenge the industry in providing less GHG emitting technology. Being part of EMC keeps us in tune with the industry, regulations and new technology along with having a voice in the direction the industry needs to take as it affects our industry. Serge Viola, Director
National Fleet Maintenance
Purolator Inc.
Electric Mobility Canada can offer many opportunities to public transit systems. They have the opportunity to present their electrification projects and discuss them with stakeholders. EMC is also a networking platform in terms of electrification in Quebec and in Canada. The networking activities organized by the association allowed me to establish many contacts with experts. With EMC, my organization is better known and its expertise is recognized. Serge Carignan, Technical Director
Gestion AVT