Technical Tours



1.    Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre (EVDC)

Departure Time: 12:45 from Hilton Toronto-Markham
Tour Capacity: 45 people

Tour schedule
12:45 PM: Shuttles leave from Hilton (with lunch boxes)
1:15 PM Arrival at EVDC
3:45 PM: Departure from EVDC


2.    Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre (EVDC) + Alectra/Powerstream Facility

Departure Time: 12:45 from Hilton Toronto-Markham
Tour capacity: 45 people

Tour schedule
12:45 PM: Shuttles leave from Hilton to Alectra/Powertream (with lunch boxes)
1:15 PM: Arrival at Alectra/Powerstream
2:45PM: Departure from Alectra/Powerstream
3:15PM: Arrival at EVDC
5:15PM: Departure from EVDC



About the Alectra/Powerstream Facility
The Alectra facility at 161 Cityview houses a fully operational microgrid that incorporates different types of electric vehicle chargers. The microgrid consists of energy storage systems, distributed generation sources such as a wind turbine and solar arrays as well as EVSE’s.
The facility houses a level 3 electric vehicle charger as well as several level 2 chargers along with an experimental Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) system that allows the microgrid to power up a building/home using the energy stored inside a vehicle battery.
Aside from the microgrid itself, Alectra will showcase the other initiatives it is working on in the field of electric vehicle charging and how these interplay with the wider energy sector.

161 Cityview Blvd, Woodbridge, ON L4H 0A9


About the Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre Tour
The Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre is a world first one stop shop that will help consumers learn all about electric cars, charging infrastructure and the electricity system that powers them as well as the opportunity to test drive a wide variety of makes and models of EV.  Delegates will be invited to convene in the OPG Training Room for a brief introduction to the EVDC evolution, goals, and plans for the future.  Delegates will receive a guided tour of the facility and interactive displays describing their content and capabilities.  Afterwards, delegates can view the models of cars and chargers on display at their leisure as well as sign up for a test drive.

1126 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M3J 3J6


EV2017VÉ Conference & Trade Show
May 29th to June 1st, 2017 | Hilton-Toronto, Markham, Ontario, CANADA

Mark your calendar for EV2017VÉ Conference & Trade Show! Don’t miss out unique plenary and technical sessions, academic workshops and technical tours! Our popular Ride N’ Drive for the general public will be taking place on May 29, 2017.

Organized by

Electric Mobility Canada

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