Federal Advocacy

Electric Mobility Canada regularly submits documents to the federal government in order to accelerate transport electrification in Canada. These include memoirs to parliamentary commissions, submissions to Canada’s Standing Committee on Finance, and others.

April 2013, 2016
Following the launch of our Roadmap for Accelerating the Deployment of Electric Vehicles in Canada (2016 to 2020), the federal government announced the allocated investment to electric vehicles and alternative transportation fuel infrastructure of $62.5M over the next two years in its 2016 Budget. An initiative from NRCan is planning for the installation of 70 DCFCs.

List of consultations/events/meetings to which EMC has participated in 2016:

January, February and March 2016
Many National Roadmap meetings and discussions with federal government representatives.

January 28, 2016
Canadian Standard Association Group Workshop on Building Codes.

May 11, 2016
Meeting with Clean Energy Canada for the Environment Canada submission on Clean Growth & Climate Change.

October 18, 2016
Senate Committee on Energy and the Environment
Meeting for the Low Carbon Economy Study


The following publications are among those submitted since the creation of EMC:

Federal Budget 2017 – Infrastructure and Innovation – Electrification and EVs (March 2017)
Public Transit Federal Funding For e-Buses
 (December 2016)
Letter to Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment, and Natural Resources (November 2016)
Federal Pre-Budget Consultation for the 2017 Federal Budget
(October 2016)
Letter to Ministers Garneau & McKenna on Pan-Canadian Pricing on Carbon Pollution
(October 2016)
Federal Pre-Budget Submission (August 2016)
Submission to Environment Canada on Clean Growth and Climate Change
 (June 2016)
List of Electric Vehicle Funding Programs & Pilot Projects (April 2016)
Roadmap for Accelerating the Deployment of Electric Vehicles in Canada (2016 to 2020)
(March 2016)
International Business Development Strategy-2016 (January 2016)
6 things you should know about EVs (September 2015)
EMC position paper on financial incentives (March 2014)
Additional points re: APC (January 2014)
Renewal of APC Program (November 2013)
EV Sales in Canada Pointing Up (October 2013)
Submission to Canada’s Standing Committee on Finance (October 2011)
Driving the rapid adoption of PEVs in Canada (December 2010)
Canadian EV Industry (September 2010)
Electric Vehicles and the Grid (June 2010) 
EVs are coming to Canada (July 2009)